East of Eden

Buzzing tunes from the wide world of pop. This week includes new tracks from Sales, Phlake and Cautious Clay & Tash Sultana. Handpicked by the East London club - East Of Eden

Playlist Tracks

Cold War Cautious Clay 03:23
Talk a Lot


Sales 03:03
The Rascal Phlake 04:24
Secrets (feat. CXLOE)


Max Styler, CXLOE 03:00
Truth Moods, Beau Nox 03:54
Penelope Col3trane 04:34
CU Again Adrian Underhill 04:12
Right To It Louis The Child, Ashè 02:55
Sun is Rising Otzeki 03:46
Pictures In My Head MJ Cole 03:24
Hey Matthew Young 03:27
High Like James Vickery 03:06
Ask for It Future Animals 03:12
Mystik Tash Sultana 04:11
Magnets LUME 03:29
I Wanna Be Like You Ibeyi 02:37
You Got Love Upstairs Open 03:38
Fool Refs 03:01
Bed Bugz Alxndr London 03:26
Needing U Desta French 03:11
Cherry Corvette


Kai Straw 03:50
Already Waist 03:28
Calm of the Sea Shor 03:44
Tied Greta Isaac 03:23
Come On Thru Laumė 04:11
Not You Jelani Blackman 03:12
Caramello Xenoula 02:56
Electric Dream Bien 04:25
Turn Around Raphaella 04:14
Waking Life Sorcha Richardson 04:01