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French electro-funk artist Kazzey brings summery grooves and upbeat melodies to his music with retro influence and a love for music tech. Having played extensive worldwide gigs, he channels this in tracks like Osaka Pop whilst remaining close to home with his childhood love for all things funk. Kazzey is inspired by global stars like Daft Punk as well as artists like Lakeside and DJ Quik. With a sound both classic and modern, he makes full use of the cornucopia of new sounds developed since funk's heyday to blend his childhood influences into something for the DIY era; Kazzey's live looping of Make Your Move has now hit the 1 million view benchmark. Feel good and packed full of addictive hooks and club grooves, Kazzey works closely with other artists. His international experience and collaborations perfectly place him to inject his own funk and rhythm into any genre and he is full of love for his craft. With the release of California Love, he took ten years to track down the instruments which made it stand out and now he especially enjoys talkbox technology, drawing from acts like Troutman and Chromeo to incorporate this into his own work. With contemporary funk , Kazzey draws from far and wide while never forgetting the underlying groove which makes the dancefloor call.