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Tha Watcher

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Relentless (Official Masters of Hardcore Russia 2020 Anthem) Access One, Tha Watcher 04:58
Primal (Official Masters of Hardcore Austria 2020 Anthem) Nosferatu, Tha Watcher 04:15
Outrageous Act of Rage, Tha Watcher 03:25
Face My Style Angerfist, Tha Watcher 03:12
Coredoom Tha Watcher, Lady Dammage 04:28
Life Scabtik, Tha Watcher 02:51
Bassline Homicide Krowdexx, Physika, Tha Watcher 03:22
Reminisce Anime, Tha Watcher 04:02
No Regrets Maissouille, Tha Watcher 03:27
Born for Hardcore Hatred, Unproven, Tha Watcher 03:50

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Anthony Dap aka Tha Watcher is one of biggest MC names in the dance scene. His great passion for music created the desire to become a part of the musicscene. The sheer energy he gets from the crowd and his aim to give 250% energy back at every party, resulted in being one of the most energetic and passionate MC's in the scene. After being discovered by Outblast and Angerfist, he earned the nickname “Voice of Mayhem” for his part on the 15 years of MoH anthem. With performances worldwide, slamming tracks and a undying passion to become a major part of the music scene, there is no limit for this Voice of Mayhem!