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Jens Kuross

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Yard Two Stone Lane 8, Jens Kuross 04:29
Spiraling Jens Kuross 04:16
We Will Run Jens Kuross 03:35
We Will Run Jens Kuross 03:43
I Only Ever Loved Your Ghost Jens Kuross 03:37

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Jens Kuross is not cool. Jens Kuross is not entertainment. Jens Kuross makes music that Jens Kuross thinks is absolutely fantastic. There are some people who agree with Jens Kuross's assessment of Jens Kuross's music. Most of those people are not cool either. Jens Kuross's music has been written about enthusiastically by trendy musical blogs that are trendy despite the fact that no one actually reads them. Jens Kuross has toured extensively with artists that you have probably heard of. Very shortly now Jens Kuross will be putting out more music that he thinks is excellent. And very shortly now Jens Kuross will be playing more shows that will be neither cool, nor entertaining. They will however be very, very good.