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Trip In A Black Hole Trym 07:32
R-301 Trym 05:09
Polar Aura Trym 05:56
Millenium Kyubi (狐には九つの尾がある) - A1 Trym 06:55
Forty Thousand Dollars (Original Mix) // [COLOR002] Trym 05:24
B1 - Opera // [COLOR001] Trym 06:26
Millenium Pain Trym 07:03
Millenium Hinata (日向ヒナタ Mix) - A2 Trym 06:20
Snatch Trym 05:08
Transition Trym 05:26

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Blurring the boundaries between techno and hardtrance combined with his familiar touch of acid, Sparkling Waterboy Trym is a leading face of France’s new-gen techno artists. Already having performed at places and events like Possession, Fée Croquer, Griessmuehle and KHIDI, Trym knows how to put the crowd into a trance. He signed an EP entitled "Sparkling System" on Regal’s label, Involve Records : four tracks that define TRYM perfectly. An EP well appreciated and played by Regal, Amelie Lens, Paula Temple, Shlomo and Charlotte De Witte on several gigs. Booking :