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Behind Me Teho 07:07
Diffraction In-Dika, In-DikA & Teho, Teho 05:40
Algebra In-Dika, In-DikA & Teho, Teho 07:45
Hyperplane In-Dika, In-DikA & Teho, Teho 07:28
Eagles Teho 05:07
Les quatres saisons Teho, Tran 09:02
Les quatres saisons Teho, Tran 04:53
Nasaja Seth Schwarz, Teho, Lydgen 05:54
Anything Teho, Carott 06:03
Algebra In-Dika, In-DikA & Teho, Teho 06:04

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With all his musical influences, Teho created his own sound, both dreamy and melancholy but also full of energies. He works on details with precision, combining acoustic and electronic to create a soft and melodic techno. His productions are then released by many labels such as Herzblut recordings, Stephan Bodzin’s label or Sapiens, Agoria’s label. He was discovered by a large public during many events all around the world and especially because of his Live performance on the streaming channel, Cercle. In 2016 Teho launched his project Labo T, a label which gives him the opportunity to freely express himself. The best is still yet to come!