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The One Premier, Selo, Lil Cuete, Stump 05:35
Struggles Stump, Premier, Ese 40oz 03:55
The One Stump, Lil Cuete, Premier 04:50
To Be Your Man Stump, Lil Cuete, D. Salas 03:54
Ride With Me Stump, David Wade, Lil Blacky 04:03
Everything I Need Stump, Samanatha Latino 03:44
My Girl (feat. MC Magic & Lil Cuete) Stump 04:20
I'm Only a Man Various Artists, Stump, Tony Karusso, Dj Radikal 03:29
Nuthin' to a Boss Various Artists, Stump, Dj Radikal, Ricky Hill 03:19
Tupperware Stripper Stump 04:01