Album picture of We Call It 'Hard Techno' Vol. 1

We Call It 'Hard Techno' Vol. 1

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Code Green Ronny Kwizt 07:11
The Last Quarter Zeit/Bypass 07:20
The Signal Cesar Ascoy 07:30
Toadstool Boeseman 06:15
Voices Of Death (Tony Mafia Killer Remix) Toxic D.N.A 06:10
The Dirty Wobble (Duck Sandoval Remix) Tony Mafia 08:48
The Dirty Wobble (Basscontroll Remix) Tony Mafia 07:42
I AM Hades (AnToN KuRT Remix) Tony Mafia 08:11
Schwarzfahrer (Blank & Blanker Remix) Tony Mafia 05:58
Demonio Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio, Nacho Rio, Paulo Rio 07:23