Album picture of Attraction: Cool Vocal Pop

Attraction: Cool Vocal Pop

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Follow Peter Darling, Peter Yelland-Brown, Kamal Kamruddin, William Featherby 02:33
Call It Love Christopher Bernard, Michael Bernard 02:42
Better Than Anyone Jorden Milnes, Julian Napolitano 02:56
I Need Love Louis Ridgway, Michele Dato 03:00
Take a Chance Sacha Collisson 03:00
Live out Loud Christopher Bernard, Michael Bernard 02:47
Making the Rules Paul Smith 02:33
Higher Love River Police, Belle Humble 03:42
Now I Got Your Love River Police, Kirsten Symonds, Arrien Molema 03:28
Never Gonna Let You Go Jorden Milnes, Julian Napolitano 02:27