Album picture of LUNaR #1 -Haneda International Music Festival Presents-

LUNaR #1 -Haneda International Music Festival Presents-



Album Tracks

Tobirano Mukoue (Cover) [From anime "Fullmetal Alchemist"] [Originally Performed by Yellow Generation] Lunar 04:48
Moonlight Densetsu (Cover) [From anime "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon"] [Originally Performed by Dali] Lunar 02:56
Koshitantan (Cover) [Originally Performed by Shoose] Lunar 03:49
A Cruel Angel's Thesis (Cover) [From anime "Neon Genesis Evangelion"] [Originally Performed by Yoko Takahashi] Lunar 04:04
Sakurane (Cover) [From anime "Gintama"] [Originally Performed by Piko] Lunar 04:08
Connect (Cover) [From anime "Puella Magi Madoka Magica"] [Originally Performed by Claris] Lunar 04:30
Kimiwo Nosete (Cover) [From movie "Laputa : Castle in the Sky"] [Originally Performed by Azumi Inoue] Lunar 03:22
Tougenkyou Alien (Cover) [From anime "Gintama"] [Originally Performed by Serial Tv Drama] Lunar 05:03
Brand New Day (Cover) [From anime "Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan"] [Originally Performed by Aice5] Lunar 04:02
Lum No Love Song (Cover) [From anime "Urusei Yatsura"] [Originally Performed by Yuko Matsutani] Lunar 02:41