Album picture of Dream Pop

Dream Pop

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Northern Lights Laura Dowling, Andrew Kingslow, Adele Roberts 03:07
Mutual Dreaming Louis Edwards, Henry Parsley, Adele Roberts 01:54
Could Be Yours Jack Phillips, Jack Greengrass, Adele Roberts 03:32
Heart Burns Christopher Lewis, Adele Roberts 02:34
Don't Wanna See Me Cry Roy Merchant, Layla Ley, Adele Roberts 03:16
Love Me Again Jack Phillips, Adele Roberts 02:36
Last Time Lawrence Curran, Alexandra Townsend-Rose, Jim Breese, Adele Roberts 04:13
Love Story Daniel Marantz 03:22
Night Fall Jonathan Dix, Victoria harrison, River Police, Adele Roberts 02:59
Echo Park Sacha Collisson, Adele Roberts 02:26