Album Tracks

Thrillseekers (LATHE Remix) Melody's Enemy, Vinicius Honorio 06:16
Before My Eyes (Fiedel Remix) Vinicius Honorio 06:38
Smoke of Dead (Original Mix) William Arist 06:04
Scatter (Billy Turner's Frequency Dispersion Mix) Vinicius Honorio 05:04
Gangster (Original Mix) Vinicius Honorio, Raphael Dincsoy, Ackermann 05:23
Dimensional Glitch (Original Mix) Andre Salata 06:42
Ambar (Original Mix) David Bau 06:22
Dying of The Light (Orion Remix) Vinicius Honorio 06:47
Polytone (Original Mix) Stephan Krus 06:45
Nightfall feat. Monce (Hemka Remix) Vinicius Honorio, Monce 06:37