Album picture of Rugrats Holiday Classics!

Rugrats Holiday Classics!



Album Tracks

Twelve Days Of Rugrats (Inspired By The Twelve Days Of Christmas) Rugrats 04:16
Jingle Babies (Inspired By Jingle Bells) Rugrats 03:50
Tommy's Silent Night (Inspired By Silent Night) Rugrats 05:58
Heck, Why Is Santa Always Jolly? (Inspired By Deck The Halls) Rugrats 03:46
Toys For The Girls (Inspired By Joy To The World) Rugrats 04:26
Feliz Navidad Rugrats 04:46
We Wish Dat Today Was Christmas (Inspired By We Wish You A Merry Christmas) Rugrats 03:49
The Cradle Song (Inspired By The Dreidel Song) Rugrats 03:50
Oops Santa Got Stuck! (Inspired By Up On The House Top) Rugrats 04:13
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Rugrats 04:02