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Better When I'm Dancin' (From "Peanuts: The Movie") (2015 Charlie Brown)

Various Artists


Album Tracks

Better When I'm Dancin' (From "Peanuts: The Movie 2015") Fandom, M.Trainor, T.Dixon 02:54
Charlie Brown The Golden Oldies, J.Leiber, M.Stoller 02:22
All About that Bass M.Trainor, Popstar Factory, K.Kadish 03:09
Lips Are Movin' M.Trainor, Popstar Factory, K.Kadish 03:00
Sexy And I Know It (From "Peanuts: The Movie 2015") The Party Rock Kru, E.Beck, G.M.Robertson, J.Listenbee 03:19
Party Rock Anthem The Party Rock Kru, S.K.Gordy, D.Listenbee, P.Schroeder 04:23
Don't Stop the Party (From "Peanuts: The Movie 2015") Mister Miami, A.Perez, F.Hibbert, J.Garcia 03:27
Timber B.Isaac, Mister Miami, A.Perez, G.Errico 03:23
Where Them Girls At (From "Peanuts: The Movie 2015") D.J. Mash Up, D.Guetta, G.Tuinfort, J.C.Salinas 03:15
Get Ready For This (From "Peanuts: The Movie 2015") The Double Denims, J.P.De Coster, P.Wilde 02:51