Bedroom Pop

Les essentiels de la génération bedroom pop.

Titres de la playlist

Paradise Cuco 03:43
Ur Gonna Wish U Believed Me Cavetown 04:31
Hey Michael


Wallice, Marinelli 02:59
Don't You Want Me - InVersions 80s Boy pablo, Celine Autumn 03:33
Soft Spot Claud 03:08
I Eat Boys Chloe moriondo 02:42
All I Need Verzache 03:23
Set The Table Ritt Momney, Claud 03:15
Time I Love To Waste MAY-A 03:17
Line Without a Hook (feat. mxmtoon) Ricky Montgomery, Mxmtoon 04:11
WHEN THE DEVIL CRIES 347aidan 02:28


Still Woozy 02:33
Bored Thomas Headon, Lizzy McAlpine 02:39
Sharpener’s Calling Me Again (feat. Kina) Cavetown, Kina 02:15
Space Girl (feat. chloe moriondo) Frances Forever, Chloe moriondo 03:52
Piel Canela Cuco 01:42
Vintage Blu DeTiger 02:35


Babygirl 02:21
Guard Down Claud 03:26
GIRL ON TV Chloe moriondo 03:12
affection Between Friends 03:55
Put Your Records On Ritt Momney 03:30
Steeeam Shelly 02:50
Morning Sex Ralph Castelli 02:55
midnight love Girl in red 03:13
Runaway Tayo Sound 03:32
The World Jimi Somewhere 04:09
My Own Person Smoothboi Ezra 04:24
Same Old Love Finn Askew 03:20
Go Wrong Hauskey 02:23