Tru Thoughts 20th Anniversary Compilation

Featuring one track from every artist who has released an album on Tru Thoughts in the last 20 years.

Titres de la playlist

Time Is the Enemy Quantic 03:39
Hurry On Now Alice Russell, TM Juke 04:42
Cure Moonchild 04:06
Terrapin Bonobo 04:39
Just for a Day (Sunday) TM Juke 04:32
Simmerdown Nostalgia 77, Josa Peit 03:27
Shiznit Sly5thAve, Jesse Fischer 04:34
Pushin On The Quantic Soul Orchestra, Quantic, Alice Russell 03:19
On the Sly The Bamboos 03:37
Sexual Healing (Me&You Re-Edit) The Hot 8 Brass Band 05:00
In the morning (Version) Natural Self 03:56
Anything You Want (Not That) Belleruche 03:22
Dis-Information Lanu 05:23
A Little Something (Gerardo Frisina Mix) Diesler 06:15
Omak Besar (Big Waves) TM Juke, The Jack Baker Trio 06:51
Bata Boy Lakuta 04:07
Ibrium Jonny Faith 04:08
Badness Zed Bias, Skream 05:36
Horror Show Style


Flowdan 03:24


Sleepin' Giantz 04:23
At the Dance Hint 04:04
Mi Swing Es Tropical Quantic, Nickodemus, Tempo & The Candela Allstars 03:53
Pushing On Freddie Cruger, Red Astaire, Swingfly 04:16
Queen Of Boredness Kinny, Diesler 03:25
Beautiful Trash Lanu, Washington 03:19
Alright Unforscene 03:42
Musical Silt Nostalgia 77 05:10
Cumbia Sobre el Mar Quantic, Flowering Inferno 06:17
Further Away Maddslinky, Tawiah 04:50
Chop That Wood Milez Benjiman 05:39