RLX DLX - Beats & Loafing (Lofi Study Chill Relax)

Diverse chill beats to relax, study and hang out to. Updated every week. Cover by Rahel Suesskind

Titres de la playlist

My Time Myríad, Satyr, Drxnk 02:14
burileddo Flughand, Steichi 01:55
Bloom Blnkspc_, Sless Praismo 02:42
Believe Harry Hawaii, Saiko 02:02
Rain Oilix, Nokimo 02:08
Chasing the Sun Moderator 02:17
Sinaloa Papi Churro 01:52
EL Mundo Fab Beat, Jam'addict, Sohaïb, Carter Haugen 03:10
Welcome Home Louk, Clifford 02:22
b l a t o . b l o o m Yang Nips 02:34
Acacia Flks 02:12
Fifth Avenue Screen Jazzmaster 02:18
No Color Crazyjazz, Otis Ubaka 01:50
What It Is Bluestaeb, Arena 02:32
Its All About Vibes Shuko, F. Of Audiotreats 02:13
Blueshift FloFilz, The Deli 01:59
To Do What Mr. Käfer 02:32
Beautiful Sunrise Otis Ubaka 02:40
Untouchable Tru Comers 05:43
Point Of No Return Run Wallace, POSTPARTUM. 02:48
Seduction (Retrogott Remix)


B dom, Brous One, Greco Murillo 02:24
One Percent of Me King Shi 02:11
Crystal Blue Liphe 02:44


Rudy Raw, Midan 02:01
In Your Hands Topuz 02:15
Another Day Voskovy, Mac Kay 01:59
Veiled Fed Nance 01:58
Aleph You Allmos 03:25
Space Invader Thelonious Coltrane, Future of Lofi 04:27
nirwana Halfpastseven 02:17