Best Electronic of 2019

Nos coups de cœur électro de l'année 2019.

Titres de la playlist

Starry Night (Edit) Peggy Gou 03:53
Teenage Birdsong Four Tet 03:25
Got To Keep On The Chemical Brothers 05:16
Work It (Soulwax Remix)


Marie Davidson 04:46
Easy Tycho 03:27
Beograd (Edit) SebastiAn 03:36
Hungry Child (Edit) Hot Chip 03:28
Only Human (Radio Edit) Kh 03:21
Violence (Original Mix) Grimes, I_o 03:40
Linked Bonobo 06:09
Home Caribou 02:36
Mile High James Blake, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin 03:13
Anasickmodular Floating Points 03:12
I Need You Octo Octa 09:35
Vortex (Radio Edit) Rex the Dog 03:41
Claustro Burial 05:41
Le Tigre Overmono 06:10
Dancers Plaid 05:00
Perpetual Motion Max Cooper 04:58
Chiseler's Rush Call Super, Parris 07:13
I Live Here Upsammy 06:41
XYZ (Peel Session) Boards of Canada 08:03
Sofware Project Pablo 07:40
Hedonic Treadmill Barker 04:09
Nata Alma (Club Smash Hit Version) Robag Wruhme 08:40
Epiphany (Edit) Ross from Friends 04:24
End of World Party (Edit) HÆLOS 03:09
Feel The Love Prins Thomas 04:25
Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain Nathan Micay 05:38
Dresscode DJ Jenifa 05:20