Love & the City 2 [ Venice ]

- belongs to a series of releases up to the 2018 Valentines celebration, to be used as a kick off for the project. Love & the City 2 contain repertoire in the landscape of Lounge, Chill and Chic-pop.

Titres de la playlist

Figli Delle Stelle (Original Mix) Musique Boutique 03:59
Walk On The Wild Side Eighty 02:52
Venus Musique Boutique 04:37
Seduction Lifestyle Mr. Untel 04:44
Love to Love You Baby Gwada Soul, Estelle Desanges 03:29
Float on (Original) Mystic Diversions 05:36
Josephine Mike Francis 03:27
Living Room Bossa Mr. Untel 04:55
On the Beach The Charmers 03:13
I Love Him Eighty 03:30
Sunset Boulevard - Matt Duandha Matt Duandha 03:42
Sometimes David Dann 04:58
Don't You Worry About Me Eighty 02:52
What a wonderful world Manu Dibango 02:45
Love and Pain Eighty 03:27
Girly Juli Fabian & Zoohacker 03:56
Sunrise (Original Mix, Madison Park vs Beechkraft) Madison Park 03:35
Calling My Mermaid (Original) Mystic Diversions 03:00
The Sheltering Sky (Antony Reale Vs Electro Blues Piano Edit) Electro Blues 03:32
Valerie (Feat. Wendy Lewis) Mystic Diversions 03:29
Chill For The Day Mr untel 06:05
Sex Me Slow Cory Lee 03:52
Lady Marmelade (Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir) Mary Nelson 05:13
Save a Prayer Musique Boutique 07:04
The Naughty Song Cory Lee 03:31
Dadidan Eighty 03:40
A su manera Xana Luz 04:44
Just Can't Get Enough Musique Boutique 03:40
Something More Sunday Mood 03:07
Inmensidad (feat. Farias) Mystic Diversions 04:19