Jukebox by Bar 25 Music

The weekly updated selection of the best Berlin party vibe by Bar 25 Music's team. From deep and melodic house to chill organic afterhours sounds. Timeless music for timeless days!

Titres de la playlist

Microbioma (Original Mix) Gab Rhome, Mark Alow 07:48
You (Original Mix) Rene Bourgeois, Kollmorgen 05:36
Final Stage Paul Schal 07:56
Distorted Images She Knows 04:47
Of Sorrow (Original Mix) YokoO & In2Deep 06:43
Bob Fossil (Original Mix) Gab Rhome, Mark Alow 07:35
Universal Infinite (Collé Remix) Squire 07:40
Darjeeling Train (Original Mix) Dole & Kom, Seth Schwarz 08:11
Inside (Radio Edit) Dilby 03:36
Gilgamesh (Timboletti Remix) Elfenberg 08:35
Mariposa (Edit) Canu, Nu, Alejandro Castelli 04:03
Passing Hours (Sascha Cawa Remix) She Knows 06:54
El Camino Zimt, Sonido Trópico, Nina Índigo 05:16
Night Shifts Dachshund 07:03
I Would (Edit) Dirty Doering 05:20
Tarlabasi (Be Svendsen Remix) Oceanvs Orientalis 09:05
Land Of The Blind (Original Mix) Bondi 07:21
Wideness (Original Mix) Jiggler 06:14
Karuna (Original Mix) Animal Trainer 06:56
Listen To My Soul (Bright Soul Version) Niconé, Enda Gallery 06:40
I See A Darkness (Original Mix) Acid Pauli 05:02
Mariposa (Bedouin Remix) Canu, Nu, Alejandro Castelli 08:35
Bring You Out (René Bourgeois Remix) Vom Feisten 06:45
Straight To The Heart Bedouin 07:17
Who Loves The Sun feat. Jo.Ke (Edit) Nu, Jo.Ke 04:16
Fake Paradise (Original Mix) Holly North 08:10
Runn Away Basti Grub, Patrick Kitchen 08:17
Ginkhoe (Original Mix) Nico Stojan 07:44
Man O To (Original Mix) Nu 09:40
Modularity Theorem (Original Mix) Niko Schwind 07:13