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The biggest EDM / dance track of this moment! With Sweet Dreams, Thunder, That Thing, Sicko Drop, Vibe, Going Dumb, Love Tonight, Bulletproof, Lifetime (with Ty Dolla $ign & 070 Shake), By Your Side, Calabria, Nobody, It Don t Matter Spotify Singles, Off

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  • 4 h 27 min

Titres de la playlist

Sweet Dreams Alan Walker, Imanbek 02:18
Diamonds James Godfrey, Danielle Knoll 02:38
Shut Up and Dance HUTS, Jordan Jay, Idetto 02:26
Thunder Gabry Ponte, LUM!X, Prezioso 02:40
Paris Santi 02:53
U & I Dottixs 02:43
Bandaid Deep Chills, Jordan Jay 02:19
Don't Lie Strike 02:50
Keep On Movin' Colin Crooks 02:38
Unforgettable Jay Dixie, The Crushboys 02:32
That Thing Alex Adair, Mila Falls 02:37
It Ain't You Jordan Jay, Sonny Bass, Alessia Labate 02:53
You Got Me DJ S.B 02:54
Sicko Drop KVSH, Schillist 02:27
Nothing But Love Steve forest, Føyk, Jaydan Wolf 02:37
Music Is My Suicide GNRM, AZVRE, Torq 02:36
Animal Pule, Paenda, Third Snow 02:16
Start Over Allergic 02:42
Unconditionally HUTS, Jona Selle, Pule 02:40
Down HUTS, Jordan Jay, Idetto 02:26
Too Late


Kharfi, Dvo 02:36
Only Human Adriano Pepe, DSTAR 86, Chante Marie 03:38
Decisions Jay Dixie, Emily Falvey 02:21
Vibe Mike Candys 02:21
Head Up In The Clouds Colin Crooks, LEE MORRIS, George Redwood 03:20
Going Dumb Alesso, CORSAK 02:48
High Xan Castel 02:40
Want U To Myself Jordan Jay, Nazzereene 02:40
Counting Stars Mavzy grx 02:37
Love Tonight (David Guetta Remix Edit) Shouse 02:38