Coffee Break at Café Kitsuné

Here is the perfect soundtrack that represent the lounge-feel and laidback vibe everyone is looking for in their coffee time. Aired on our Café Kitsuné at Paris and Tokyo.

Titres de la playlist

So Long Tim Ayre 04:06
No Pulp Chong the Nomad, Laureli 02:41
California Dreamin' Tim Ayre 03:03
The Other Side Cln 03:04
Vapour Trails Grace Lightman 04:22
Hurt Kowloon 02:42
Mexican Holiday Tim Ayre 03:22
Bound (Mixed) Angus1, Elizabeth M Drummond 03:11
Life of the Party Chelsea Jade 03:20
Every Weekend


Manast LL', MayMayRDS 03:06
Hot Like the Room My Body 04:37
308 Swaine Delgado 02:58


Afro Comb, Domainiq 03:14
Perfect Time (Mixed) Rosa Ama, Denitia 03:11
Stranger MOTHXR 03:15
LENTO Matveï 02:43
Carribea MRY 03:46
These Days


Carter Reeves 02:20
Kill the Lie Real Bad Man, Genevieve Artadi 03:21
Walls We Build Urfabrique 04:19
No Hope Kafka Tamura 02:57
Drama NoMBe 03:38
Motionless Exhibitionist 03:33
NITE $WIM (Mixed) Pink $ock 02:21
Aftershock Summer Heart 02:29
NYC to CDG Khazali 03:21
Hardest Mile Carriages 03:26
Kate Moss 1989 Broderick Batts 02:52
Sugar Rush Cassette Tapes 02:57
Umbo (Come Down) ÌFÉ 06:31