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Different Manast LL', 8tm, LilCed.Ht, Rizzy Wallace 04:09
In the Dark Manast LL', 8tm 02:35
What You Sayin' Manast LL' 03:00
3/4H La Ligne Bleue, DOR, Manast LL', Rad cartier 05:58
Count on Me Manast LL', Tony Stone, Anna Majidson 03:41
Get a Bag Manast LL', Mofak, Mookice 02:19
Every Weekend Manast LL', MayMayRDS 03:06
Where You Goin' Manast LL', Rome Fortune 03:29
They Know Me Manast LL', Blasé 02:52
No Feelings Manast LL', Satyvah 02:39

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Manast LL’ is an artist based in Paris, originally from Orléans. Co-founder of La Ligne Bleue and part of La Ligne Bleue Records as an artist and also artistic director, his character does not really differ from the person that embodies him. Through his flow, the young man speaks to us of his experiences, good or bad, that he always tries to translate into positive energy and motivation. The acronym LL’ has become a signature for all the people close to the young artist, initially used to represent his mantra «LivLov» or «LivLife». This leitmotiv represents his mood and lifestyle : always live and love every second with passion. No half-measures. No restraint. No false pretenses. As always passion is creativity’s best friend.