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OOVEE is not merely a project, OOVEE is also a provocation. An attempt to do something new, to start from scratch, to take a chance; starting with the name. It is an expression of a desire to be consistent in our choices and prepared to swim against the tide; to create something fresh and avoid the sensation of most listeners of having heard it all before. OOVEE is the challenge that Dan e Momo, two Milan-based producers and DJs, have taken up, using the experience that has seen them take the stage at Tomorrowland and play alongside some of the world’s leading DJs. OOVEE is also an ambitious combination of elegant, simple and transparent musical genres. Funky sounds mixed with electronic music to create new, bright and luminous vibes. OOVEE is a sincere project and, like the music itself, it is just what it seems, nothing more, nothing less.