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Illusionize, Visage Music, Victor Lou 03:00
Phoneline Illusionize, Visage Music 05:47
Up & Down Visage Music, Flux Zone, Almek 02:40
Diamonds Illusionize, Visage Music 03:14
Sky Visage Music 04:07
Hands UP Ride Illusionize, Visage Music 02:36
So Stay Calm Visage Music 03:08
Distortion Illusionize, Visage Music, Illusionize, Visage Music 02:37
Etnia Visage Music, Buzter 04:06
Aura Visage Music 02:55

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Fábio Santos, born in Goiânia, better known by his stage name Visage, is a music producer and DJ. Strongly associated with the hits produced as "Fé", "So Stay Calm", "Sky" and more recently "In A Funk", Visage, with its characteristic productions, has great releases and supports. The artist draws attention for his musical particularity, which is somewhat melodic, but with striking grooves.