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Bruises PaulWetz 03:16
Mosaïque ASH, PaulWetz 03:44
Silence PaulWetz 04:18
Bonny & Clyde PaulWetz 03:15
People PaulWetz 03:12
Chasing Hills PaulWetz, Nothing In Common 03:48
Misfits PaulWetz 03:10
Moonlight PaulWetz 05:04
Surrender PaulWetz, MVCA 03:08
Machinery (Dark Rave Version) PaulWetz 03:22

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Hi, I'm Paul. 
 I love to write songs with my guitar and produce them in my bedroom. 
 This journey probably started by secretly watching MTV with my older sisters when my parents were out of the house. It led to spending weekends in my best friends basement (I was about 9 years old) where we founded a rock band. I got to be the frontman, shred the guitar and scream. At first school ruined my belief in making music until I picked it up again to make electronic music (wich resulted in no homework but lots of new tracks and angry neighbors). 
 Now all those influences come together in my approach to alternative electronic music and pop. 
 On the side I produced Kapkaranlık Her Günüm & Teni Tenime by Sena Şener and collaborated as singer/songwriter on Evaporate ft. PaulWetz - Edit by Durante and The Lion In My Head (feat. PaulWetz) by Kyle Watson. 
 Thanks for listening and feel free to send me a message on Instagram or Twitter. 
 Much love,