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Memories Waffle, Amber Prothero 02:58
Gabriella Amber Prothero 03:02
Won't Let This Love Go Amber Prothero 03:16
Never Want to Be Without You The John Williams Syndicate, Amber Prothero 03:15


Even before launching her career as a multitalented singer/songwriter, Amber Prothero always had a knack for finding a wonderfully unique perspective to her surroundings. Growing up, Amber perceived the world around her with a certain musicality, finding that she could best articulate herself not through her own words, but rather through her lyrics and poetry. Realising this innate flair for lyricism, Amber purchased a second-hand keyboard on eBay back in 2009, becoming her own teacher and from there on, the rest is history. Cut to now, 23-year-old Amber Prothero is a dynamic musical force, drawing her inspiration from muses such as Ella Fitzgerald, Norah Jones and Sara Bareilles. Her powerful, soulful vocals merge perfectly with her raw confessional lyricism in a way that completely captures the complexity of our emotions. Weaving through a multitude of genres, Amber smoothly transitions from traditional acoustic to pop to the more experimental, most recently incorporating D&B into her musical repertoire. Amber has spent most of 2020 releasing music from her home in Cheshire. Her most recent collaboration, ‘Let It Burn’, with producer Newah has made quite the entrance being featured as BBC Introducing Surrey’s track of the day as well as making waves with some of the UK’s most renowned blogs. Both lovers of Pop and Electronic Music, ‘Let It Burn’ is the perfect blend of Amber’s powerhouse vocal together with Newah’s vibrant productions distilled into a jazzy pop hit.