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Tarlabasi Oceanvs Orientalis 09:05
Revenge of the Wankers Oceanvs Orientalis, İlhan Erşahin 09:04
Tarlabasi Oceanvs Orientalis 09:02
The Universe Oceanvs Orientalis 10:30
Lamma Bada Yatathanna Qiyans Krets 07:14
Santa Teresa Oceanvs Orientalis, Castello Branco 04:58
Truths of Relativity (Original Mix) Oceanvs Orientalis 06:04
Television Oceanvs Orientalis, Idil Mese, İlhan Erşahin 05:51
The Story of the Blue Snow Oceanvs Orientalis 07:31
Lunar Express Oceanvs Orientalis 07:04

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Founded by Safak Oz Kutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a formation which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It blends itself with the archaelogic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very context believes that “everything comes from the east”. Despite of being an electronic-based formation -due to practical reasons- at the moment, it intends to transform into a dance (to move the body and feet to music) orchestra where each instrument will be played by its own instrumentalist. Oceanvs Orientalis, tunes are not in a hurry.