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Luka Ivanović (23), the man behind the name Luke Black, took his first musical steps during his teenage years in his small Serbian hometown of Čačak. Craving a more dangerous and turbulent life he moved to Belgrade, the Serbian capital, where he started studying English language and literature. Luke Black has been making music for more than 12 years. During this time he recorded 7 full-length DIY albums - which were never heard by anyone except for his closest friends. Last year Luke Black finally got out of his musical comfort zone and released his first official single "D-Generation". Fans, critics, and radio stations - as well as the people from Universal Music's Serbian office - loved the song instantly. One thing led to another and Luke Black showed up at Universal Music's Belgrade office - with no demos. Instead sang his heart out at the office, and became the first pop artist in Serbia to get signed by an international major label. Soon after this "performance" he finally changed his name to Luke Black. Within less than a year this Serbian pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist reached the top of the local and international radio charts in Serbia. With his latest single "Holding On To Love" he achieved his first radio #1, which remained in the top 20 for many weeks. With his multifaceted music he combines strong melancholic vocals and catchy synth melodies with classical piano and strong bass. Within just a year, Luke Black has been nominated for the single of the year award (2014) and had two #1 radio hits. After his first meetings with a local fashion and lifestyle magazines, Luke Black was instantly added to their speed dials. They feature him regularly now, not only because of his music but also his keen eye for fashion and art. His single have been instantly added by TEEZ'FM (France) and THISISELECTRIC (UK), and there are new international radio stations joining the club every day. Luke Black has the rare privilege to be the only artist from this part of Europe who was featured on a global Instagram platform, @music, alongside international mainstream stars like Miley Cyrus, Drake, Foo Fighters, 50 Cent, and many others. Luke Black finally gives a voice to a new generation of young people who are inspired by international pop culture and now live in the post-war, post-Yugoslavian country of Serbia. In a country where the mainstream regularly worships false idols and values, Luke Black truly proves that there is room for pop artists with Serbian roots and an international sound. Nobody is questioning if Luke Black is a true pop artist anymore. His opinion in the media is very well respected and his distinctive sound is now easily recognized. And he has only just begun...