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Devotion Soulvation 04:53
Free Your Mind Soulvation, Mr.V 05:00
Reset Your Brain Soulvation 03:30
Till I'm in Love Soulvation 05:11
Don't You Want Me Block & Crown, Soulvation 04:29
Soul Brother Soulvation 06:13
Find the Funk Block & Crown, Soulvation 05:11
The Dancefloor Soulvation, Luca Debonaire 05:11
Stay The Same Soulvation, Niels Geusebroek 03:08
Gonna Make You Feel It Soulvation 03:13

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Dutch DJ duo SOULVATION a.k.a Erland Galjaard and Ronald Molendijk both grew up, during the booming house í90ís, in Rotterdam. They partied at the same clubs and witnessed the rise of the Rotterdam dance scene. Soulvation breakthrough journey has seen them both perform in DJ booths at Ushuaia, DanceValley, MysteryLand, Club Destino, CrazyLand, and much more. Happy to perform in there beloved DJ booth all day long they are also hard at work in the studio so expect a string of new releases in 2019. Hard-hitting beats, pushing bass lines and beautiful chords, often with vocals, up-front and cutting-edge that is the Soulvation DNA. Music is the foundation, We are Soulvation.