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Wasted Love (feat. Lagique) Ofenbach, Lagique 02:19
Head Shoulders Knees & Toes (feat. Norma Jean Martine) Ofenbach, Quarterhead, Norma Jean Martine 02:36
Katchi Ofenbach, Nick Waterhouse 02:31
Be Mine Ofenbach 02:41
Rock It Ofenbach 02:26
Paradise (feat. Benjamin Ingrosso) Ofenbach, Benjamin Ingrosso 02:34
Wicked Game - Souvenirs d'été (feat. Bergmann) Ofenbach, Bergmann 02:42
Wasted Love (feat. Lagique) Ofenbach, Lagique 02:07
Insane Ofenbach 02:22
PARTY (feat. Wax and Herbal T) [Ofenbach vs. Lack Of Afro] Ofenbach, Lack Of Afro, Herbal T, Wax 02:20

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More than 1 Billion steams and 350 Million views on Youtube. These are the incredible numbers that sum up the Parisian dance duo Ofenbach. (Dorian & César) With 16 platinum and 15 gold certifications, they’re young and at the begining of what is going to be a long and successful career. Being on stage is their playground and touring the world their day-to-day lifestyle. They’ve already performed more than 250 shows with 3 European tours, 2 US tours and 1 Asian tour. Their current single ‘Head Shoulders Knees & Toes’ is again a massive worldwide hit with already more than a hundred million streams.