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Every Battle Hallman 03:32
Honesty Hallman 02:37
Get It Right Now Hallman 03:15
Starfields Hallman 02:41
Heard The Stars Hallman 03:02
What to Do Hallman 03:17
You Blow My Mind Hallman 03:01
Talk About Hallman 02:57
Move Your Body (Hallman Remix) Loving Caliber, Hallman, Johanna Dahl 03:53
Pulling Me Back Hallman 02:54

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Viktor Hallman is a Swedish composer and producer who is more commonly known by his musical alias and surname, Hallman. Growing up near Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, it wasn’t until he played a friend’s piano at the age of 12 that he discovered an intuitive flair for music. After spending the next two years learning via online tutorials, Viktor began experimenting with the music software, FL Studio, subsequently using his instinctively musical ear to produce a number of trance tracks.