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Only You
Funk the Police

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From Curitiba Brazil, Kojake is a live bass and guitar player as well as a talented dj and producer. He plays many of the large festivals throughout Brazil and holds down multiple residencies at Curitiba local weekly and monthly club nights. Kojake has recently performed such events as; Fetté de la musique, and anothers clubs in Europe. In Brazil plays in: Taj, D-Edge, Vibe, TribalTech, Tribe, Xxxperience, Earthdance, Kabalah, Universo Parallelo, Cachoeira Alta, Tranceformation, Funk You, Whatafunk, Funk The Chic, Smirnoff private party, Tríade rec. Party, Sound in the City and others. "Always searching for new tools of production, using organic instruments and innovative synthesizers, Kojake is always in search for the perfect grooves and the creating best mix for everyone" Kojake release his tracks and his part of the following labels: Springbok records, Mslx (Vinyl label), Nudiscool. Cooking Grooves is his first album with mixed songs from funk, house, disco and electronic, and you can find here.