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Sunset Strip Veeshy, Phonic Youth 04:41
Arcade Highs Veeshy, Phonic Youth 04:48
Aural Ambience Veeshy 05:58
Stimulate The Stars Veeshy 05:53
Let Me Down Veeshy, Brandon Mignacca 04:53
Elevated Veeshy 04:36
2am (Original Mix) Veeshy 07:14
Arcade Highs Veeshy, Phonic Youth 04:48
Hibiki (Roald Velden Remix] Veeshy 08:19
Luxury Veeshy 07:32


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Kaveesh Singh, better known as Veeshy, is an Australian progressive music producer, with a focus on creating moods & melodies that capture both emotive & lush atmospheres.