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The Rumjacks are a Celtic punk rock band originally formed in Sydney, Australia. Known for their loud and energetic live shows, the band have released four studio albums, two live albums, and a series of EPs and singles. In 2016 The Rumjacks relocated to various parts of Europe where they currently live and tour, performing at major hard rock festivals such as Wacken, Hell Fest, Mighty Sounds and the 100,000-person audience at Woodstock Poland (Polrock) on the main stage. One of the band's best-known songs, 'An Irish Pub Song' became a viral hit, generating in excess of 68 million views on YouTube. In 2020, The Rumjacks presented their new singer Mike Rivkees, who sets the stage as one of the most charismatic, fun and honest frontmen. Originating from Boston, USA, Mike brings along numerous influences from old school hardcore to traditional celtic music, and a punk rock attitude to band, along with a few folk instruments.