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The Green Light X-vision 04:50
Blow On Ashes X-vision 04:30
The Sky Was True X-vision 04:02
Self Abnegation X-vision 04:55
Paper Plane X-vision 04:29
Deadly Adornment X-vision 05:08
Early Mental Release X-vision 04:31
Theatre Of Appearances X-vision 05:38
Cut Off X-vision 01:46
And Now ? X-vision 01:46

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Murat Vural (a.k.a. Processing Vessel & L.G.V) comes to us in a darker, fiercer guise of X-Vision: the post-apocalyptic mad-villain from Planet X, built to bring your speakers to your knees! While Processing Vessel is more on the ambient, smoother side of things, X-Vision is the exact opposite.