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Hip Hop has become such an influential genre over the past two decades that new scenes are popping up left and right. This leads to creative and innovative takes within the genre, and someone you have to mention within the Lofi Hip Hop community is Kayou. The songwriter and producer has mastered the Lofi Chillhop sound with care and passion for the music he makes. While he will produce Future Garage and Trap to emphasize his diversity, Lofi music offers a healthy blend of melancholy and nostalgia wrapped up into a sound that can tell a potent and emotional story. This story is crucial to who Kayou. is, and he is able to give each record personality, whether it’s from the unique drum break patterns or the remixing of famous anime songs he has taken a liking to. A steady stream of releases with consistent dedication and care for his craft has led to this fan base, and Kayou. is always grateful to bring a new listener into the fold, including you!