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Minimal Risk NSDOS 05:25
Fais-moi la paix NSDOS 03:38
Crashing the Box NSDOS 05:59
No Title NSDOS 05:51
Non Love NSDOS 05:54
Automation de l'amour NSDOS 04:31
Meridien S-Dos NSDOS 06:40
Efficace toujours NSDOS 04:08
Dispersion NSDOS 06:16
Micro Club NSDOS 05:40

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After studying dance, Kirikoo Des aka NSDOS, felt the need to create his own sound in order to explore movement. This is how he started imagining a whole new sonic order, an alternative approach to music; through abstraction. NSDOS can’t restrain himself to existing technological tools and softwares, he prefers creating his own mediums : futurist instruments made of old audio converters Gameboy emulators, pieces of metal dismantled and weld together giving form to surreal machines. Surrounded by his hybrid tools, NSDOS unravels the rectilinear anatomy of techno music. Textures are exploded, sounds mutilated, and brought back to their essence. This sonic odyssey, NSDOS initiated in his native town Paris before exploring it deeper in Berlin, a city that he sees as a giant laboratory in which he experimented the field of possibilities.