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Kaz Hawkins

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Because You Love Me Kaz Hawkins 05:43
Because You Love Me (feat. Sam York) Kaz Hawkins 04:22
Surviving (feat. Sam York) Kaz Hawkins 04:11
Feelin' good Kaz Hawkins 07:11
Don't Slip Away (feat. Sam York) Kaz Hawkins 02:34
Lipstick & Cocaine (feat. Sam York) Kaz Hawkins 04:10
Don't Make Mama Cry Kaz Hawkins 05:06
Pray Kaz Hawkins 02:34
Something's Got a Hold on Me Kaz Hawkins 03:45
Surviving (Live) [feat. Sam York] Kaz Hawkins 04:38

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Famously known for her cathartic thank you song Lipstick & Cocaine or her heartbreaking ballad Because You Love Me, Kaz has crossed many genres in music over 30 years but is probably best known for the blues & roots she came from in Northern Ireland. Until a chance performance supporting Van Morrison in Belfast back in 2012, nobody had heard her name on the songwriting scene. After successful appearances across Belfast Kaz then devoted her life to achieving a dream of giving hope to those who needed it through song. Attracting attention from around the world, Kaz focused on being an independent artist turning down many offers until October 2020 when she finally signed with the famous Paris label Dixiefrog Records. They will celebrate their 35th year as a label in 2021, the perfect birthday year for Kaz to release her 5th studio album.