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In The Morning (La Ra Ri) JØRD, Lowderz, Vektor 02:43
Activate Vektor 03:30
Charging the Void Vektor 09:11
Tetrastructural Minds Vektor 05:21
Cygnus Terminal Vektor 08:15
Dead by Dawn Vektor 06:15
LCD (Liquid Crystal Disease) Vektor 07:33
Pteropticon Vektor 06:00
Ultimate Artificer Vektor 05:04
Collapse Vektor 09:22

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Vektor are an American progressive thrash metal band formed in Tempe, Arizona in 2003 and based in Philadelphia since 2012. With a musical style drawing influence from progressive metal, technical thrash and speed metal, and with lyrics revolving heavily around sci-fi themes, Vektor fittingly describe themselves as "Progressive Space Metal". Fronted by vocalist, guitarist and band mastermind David DiSanto, Vektor signed on to Earache Records with re-releases of their first two albums, 'Black Future' and 'Outer Isolation', before unleashing their long-awaited and critically praised new opus, 'Terminal Redux', in 2016.