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The Church Rampa 07:20
Discoteca &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Sofie 06:25
Tell Me Are We Rampa, Whomadewho 06:53
Muyè Black Coffee, &ME, Rampa, Adam Port 09:41
Muyè Rampa, Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME), Adam Port, &ME 07:49
2000 Rampa 06:16
Civilist Rampa, Keinemusik (Rampa, Adam Port, &ME), Adam Port, &ME 06:50
Before The Flood &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, Cubicolor 04:38
For This Rampa, Chiara Noriko 06:50
Sunday Rampa 06:48

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From 2009 on, Rampa made a name of himself through Keinemusik, his own little d.i.y.-cosmos, being not only label, but also crew of likeminded DJs, producers and friends. The teamwork within this realm has seen a serious number of productions and collaborations, particularly with fellow producer &ME, not to forget the rest of the bunch, Adam Port, Reznik and Monja. Besides, he’s got an array of other collaborations and releases under his belt, put out on imprints like Cocoon, Innervisions, Strictly Rhythm, Kompakt, 2020 Vision, Freerange, Bpitch Control, Diynamic, Defected or Crosstown Rebels. The events of the last few years have seen Rampa focussing more and more on the production side of things, be it studio work or the inauguration of his TEILE project – his own company to produce and distribute analogue effects, custom-built for DJ-purposes. Certainly also an outlet for a slight nerdism, that includes not only studio gear, but instruments in general. Chances are you’ll find him in the studio, swinging the drumstick or banging on some bongos. When it comes to DJing itself, he is going for a less is more approach these days, choosing bookings and playing more consciously.