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Trip to California (feat. Sylvie Cox) (Rolipso Remix) Lucian, Sylvie Cox, Rolipso 02:06
Infrared (feat. Jordan Corey) Lucian 03:14
Supernova Eastern Odyssey, Lucian 02:59
Sober Heart (feat. Olivera) Lucian 03:41
Fly by Night (feat. Noé) Lucian 03:30
Calm Waters (feat. Beth Duck) Lucian 02:59
Close to You (feat. Jasmine Sokko) Lucian 03:05
Bittersweet (feat. Froya) Lucian, Froya 02:42
Fly By Night (feat. Noé) [TRND Remix] (TRND Remix) Lucian, TRND, Noe 02:47
Down the Middle (feat. Kid Coyote) Lucian 02:48

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