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Open Your Mind Zatox, Luca Antolini, Zatox and Luca Antolini 03:53
Medley Non Stop Dream House: Aurora / Nuclear Sun / Love in the Wind / Love Dream / Mental Trip / Noise Maker Theme / Magic Fly / Gigi D'Agostino, The House of Love, Roberto Milani, Aeon 47:36
You're Not Better On Your Own Scott Attrill, Steve Hill, Luca Antolini 03:59
Awakening Luca Antolini, Francesco Zeta, Steve Hill, Technikal 04:40
The Race 2011 Luca Antolini 03:35
Maxwell Lisa Lashes, Luca Antolini 07:21
Heat 2012 Luca Antolini, Steve Hill 07:23
Sensation Luca Antolini, Andrea Montorsi 02:52
The Race 2012 Luca Antolini 06:14
Eclipse Luca Antolini, 2Life 03:13

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