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King Kong's Calls Max Joni, SoKool 06:28
Recognize Mr. Schug, SoKool 08:11
Strohwitwer Max Joni, SoKool 07:53
Feel (Feat. Bill Daggs (DefDfires)) SoKool 06:53
You Did It SoKool 08:23
Lika SoKool 06:40



The symbiosis of Mathias and Thomas makes for vibrant sound since 2011, comparable to a congenial intoxication mixed with real, tangible love for electronic music. Long lasting experience behind the decks and in the studio combine fluently to the incomparable “Sokool“ blend. Since their release on Katermukke, SoKool is playing themselves into the minds and hearts of electronic music and endless partying aficionados far beyond the borders of Berlin. With 30 releases on a wide variety of labels like Katermukke, OFF Recordings, Sender Records, Poesie Records, Heinz Music, their very own label Konzeptions and many more, their rank as Watergates "Yes" events residents is well earned. Earlier music projects, different genres and colourful life itself are the inspirations for these two masters of their craft. This is exactly the kind of honest-to-the-bone lightheartedness reflected by their original tracks and DJ-Sets. To call “Just play it!“ a mere slogan isn‘t even coming close to the truth. To them, it‘s a way of life! And this is how all those terrific live gigs became a true journey, mesmerizing and great, taking you across Disco, Techno, House and Trance. As their international career takes off, they continue to fascinate with unconventional DJ-Sets. And People from cities like Vienna, Paris and Tblisi will keep Sokool very close to their fondest memories.