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Levar (feat. Jenny Bae) Hardage, Jenny Bae 03:47
Beautiful Day Hardage, Jocelyn Brown 04:17
Big Time ElectroKingdom 04:40
Beautiful Day feat. Jocelyn Brown Hardage 03:19
Big Time (feat. Peter Gabriel & Electrokingdom) Hardage 03:42
Levar (Feat. Jennifer Bae) Hardage 07:12
Hysterical Years Hardage, Gil Scott-Heron 06:57
Daydreaming Hardage, Jocelyn Brown, R. Bacci 05:00
Levar (feat. Jenny Bae) Hardage 04:07
Don't Let Me Down Hardage, Maxi Priest 05:32

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After topping the European charts with the hits ‘Movin too fast’ by Artful Dodger and Romina Johnson and ‘Call me’ by Dino Lenny, in 2006 Hardage released his first solo album ‘The Five Doubts’, with an impressive line-up including: Peter Gabriel, Maxi Priest, Michael Franti, Mark King from Level 42, Gaudi, Jocelyn Brown, Nina Miranda from Smoke City, Joy Malcolm from Incognito and Dino Lenny. Also, his following album ‘Hardage’ features an extraordinary array of top-class artists and musicians, first on the list is soul/jazz poet Gil Scott-Heron, followed by Berenice Scott from Heaven 17, Greg Bissonette and Emil Richards.