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Work Aitor Galan, Vicente Ferrer, Victor Perez 06:47
Electrodance Latino in Sessions Kryss, Aitor Galan, Juan Martinez, Walki-Bass 71:34
Keep On The Track Aitor Galan 03:45
Pica Pica (Angel Martin Remix) Aitor Galan, Aerobic Electro Latino Dj, Henry Mendez, Aerobic Electro Latino Dj, Aitor Galan, Angel Martin, Henry Mendez 06:02
Run Away Aitor Galan, Patrizze 03:34
Put It On Me DJ Valdi, Aitor Galan, Jia Miles 02:43
Stay With Me Forever (I am the Summer Party) [Radio Mix] Jose AM, Aitor Galan, Baby Noel 03:53
La Chica de Allí Aitor Galan, Los Tiburones, Carlos Ferrara 03:00
Keep on Moving Aitor Galan, Jia Miles 03:00
Superfly Aitor Galan, Victor Perez 07:07