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Beating Hearts Paige, Nikki Era 02:51
My Eyes Nihil Young, Paige 03:35
Sunrise Paige, Sarah de Warren 03:04
Not Over You Paige, Courtney Drummey 04:52
New Mercedes Paige 02:29
Somebody Paige, Sara Sommerer 02:52
Hit n Run Paige 03:22
Always On Your Mind Paige, Colton Avery 02:51
Goodbye Paige 02:48
Get You High Paige 03:14

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A constant force in the dance realm, Paige’s artistic evolution has culminated into a deep consciousness of electronic music, defined by stimulating vocals, mesmerizing synths, rolling melodics and flowing deep bass lines. 2020 saw Paige cement his name as one of the more versatile talents in the scene. His recurring collaborative efforts with techno titan Nihil Young have revealed an excitingly uncanny force to be reckoned with, bound by ultra-creative sound design and charged up, emotional melodies that are impossible to anticipate. Crossing boundaries between lighthearted deep house, progressive, and melodic techno, the ethos of Paige’s sound has secured him with highly-respected label giants - Toolroom, Saved, Realm, Zerothree and more. His forward-thinking production style and subtly invigorating DJ sets look set to establish Paige as a bold presence in global dance music throughout the next year.