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Where have you seen this woman before? Maybe you haven’t. If you had, you would remember. Tomine Harket has been singing and acting her whole life, she has 31k insta followers, 2,8 million monthly listeners. And yes, she is also the daughter of. But let us start with a clean slate. This is Tomine Harket, 27 years old, from Oslo. Her heart is as big as her nails are long and if you mess with her you should consider moving to Canada because she will write a song about it and tell the world. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her scrunchies high. Until now she was the feature artist for most of her musical life. This EP is her first big artistic statement that is 100% her vision. “It’s like starting over, this is the beginning. And I am already looking forward, my head is in the next project. I just wanna keep going. I wanna be in the studio, write the music, the rest is not up to me.” True, the rest is up to us, the listeners, now.