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Boys & Girls Lanfranchi, Marchesini 03:56
Boys & Girls Lanfranchi, Marchesini 07:21
What a Feeling Lanfranchi, Cue&Play 03:42
Gipsy Song Desaparecidos, Lanfranchi, Fariña, Marchesini 03:39
Bad Day DamanteFarina, Lanfranchi 03:38
Sun and Love Lanfranchi, Fariña, Ray Johnson 07:36
Sorry Lanfranchi, Fariña, Neja 04:33
Think Lanfranchi, 69 Lovers, Fariña 04:46
Illusion Of My Mind Lanfranchi and Farina, Lanfranchi, Farina, Richard Gray 05:17
Illusion of My Mind Lanfranchi, Fariña, Richard Gray 06:03

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