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Kissing Mirrors is a song I wrote about feeling good about yourself, and knowing your self worth. No matter how people may interpret it, it’s essence is to boost your confidence and just know that you can work anything out if you put your mind into it. At first, I actually wrote it about someone in particular; but the more we progressed with the song we decided to make it broader so listeners can interpret it however they’d like. To me, it is a song that shows strength and loyalty. No matter to whom! To yourself, to your partner, family, friends. I feel like going through rough patches with somebody is something positive. If you both show up on the other side, it just shows how strong your bond is. I want others to feel good when they listen to the song, to enjoy themselves and to give themselves the credit they deserve. I didn’t want a cheesy “confidence boost” song that focused too much on empowerment and independence. For me, being able to depend on someone else or trusting another person is important too. As much as being independent is great, we’re social beings that definitely can’t live without another person. I want to show people how being self loving and independent, can co exist with trusting others as well. In the end, its up to the listeners to interpret it however they’d like! I love hearing other perspectives in music.